Best Football Betting Sites and Apps USA | Bet NFL Online 2024

Betting sites are websites where individuals or groups can wager money on different events, such as betting NFL and other sports. Although any government entity does not regulate these websites, they use algorithms to determine winners from their pool of players.

There are various best football betting sites in the USA to bet on sporting events, such as BetUS, Bovada, and MyBookie, where you can access American football betting online. These are among the best NFL betting sites where users can join for free by visiting their website or downloading the best NFL betting apps to their computers to access these wagers.


BetUS is a well-known and trusted online NFL sports betting site where you can bet NFL football. Being one of the first US-friendly online betting football sites, it offers best NFL betting online for North American bettors and an assortment of wagers on professional and college sports. BetUS is one of the best football betting sites where you can bet football online, hence suitable for NFL sports betting.

The sportbook also offers various sports markets and NFL live betting options, and one can easily access NFL online betting on this site. BetUS is easily accessed on mobile phones and computers, giving users a better football gambling experience for betting football games online. It offers predictions and virtual football betting for gamblers, making the platform more user-friendly.

BetUS is among the best online football betting sites, with a 24/7 supportive customer support center. They still offer phone support services where you can speak to any of their agents about their sportsbook menu. They have a live chat feature that connects you directly to their agents. This live chat feature is fast, reliable, and more convenient than calling customer support via phone.


The Bovada betting site is the best NFL betting online platform. This big-time sports betting site encompassed various countries and was launched in 2011. Mohawk Morris Gaming Group operates it. The site offers a comprehensive range of betting options, including NFL live betting, casino gambling games, sports wagering, and in-play wagering on sporting events, both serious and unpredictable.

Bovada is one of the best online NFL betting apps known for its exceptional customer service, clean interface, and various wagering options. They also offer a safe environment where players can play on their terms without fear of undue influence or fraudulent activity.

The Bovada betting site can be attributed to its unique combination of plentiful and easy-to-navigate features. They have few restrictions regarding deposit & withdrawal methods, allowing players worldwide to enjoy casual or live wagering on full-time professional sporting events in over 50 countries with over 100 pro teams.


MyBookie is an online betting site located in the USA and used for betting football games online. It was created by David Carruthers and was launched in 2014. MyBookie, as one of the best online NFL betting sites, offers some of the most exciting sports betting promotions online, one of them being the MyBookie FreeBet Bonus, which can be claimed by new players who sign up and fund an account with MyBookie.

MyBookie is one of the online football betting sites and it provides full coverage of all major sporting events worldwide. Some of these are NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, MMA, and NASCAR, to name a few. Their website has other features like live betting, championship football betting, NFL playoff betting, in-play betting, and mobile betting. There is also a matching center where you can follow your best NFL bets this week and favorite teams/games live to get all the information on your bets.

With MyBookie, you can deposit with your favorite credit/debit cards with a safe & secure payment option available. They have various payment options: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. Some deposit methods you can use are online banking, wire transfers, and money orders.